Little Things

I’m sitting at my ‘puter at 11:37 PM, trying to churn this thing out before midnight after a night spent fiddling with another only somewhat related project. The world-famous Rausch Mix is screaming through my headphones. The world, is generally good. And why? Because of the little things. That’s why.

The little things are what make most people’s days and they are what ruin mine. Today wasn’t that way though. For once, the little things actually helped push my very busy day along. They helped keep me positive. I think that looking at the little things is perhaps the healthiest way to keep a good perspective on things in general.

So which little things got me smiling today? Well certainly not my own personal little thing. It’s actually been pissing me off of late. I don’t know why, but morning wood has gotten increasingly more annoying in my old age. Sure, I’ll be wishing for the ability to hold an erection as long as I do when I’m forty years older but now it just gets on my nerves. It gets in the way. And it’s not even like I have a big one. I don’t. If I did I suppose I’d be more proud of my pecker. But now, I’m just annoyed by it, by the annoying, tiny, little bulge.

It’s just too damn hard. And it won’t go away. I have shit to do. I can’t pay attention to it’s wants and needs twenty-four hours a day.

But anyway, let’s get back to the little things that were making me smile today, as opposed to the little things I wish I had a meat-cleaver to chop off. Today I ate lunch with my wife. I eat lunch with her every day on the weekend but never on a weekday and this was kind of special. It wasn’t anything great. We had pizza at a little place near Tower Records in Burlington. But I think she was really happy to see me, to have a little Chris to break up her day. It made me smile too. I guess unemployment can be good for something.

The reason I had lunch with Stef was because I was down in her area to go to this career transition thing. That went well, though I got there late after dropping Stef off. I have an individual appointment with someone on Friday. Today’s thing was just an introduction.

After that I headed over to JonMartin to begin work on a Linux server for little old me. We’re taking my old 166 Mhz machine and turning it into a server/firewall for my home network. Actually, it’s Jon that’s doing it. At most, I’m supervising. I have no idea what he’s doing actually. I’ve been assured it will be a plug it in and turn it on sort of computer. That’s good. Bad things happen to computers that fuck with me.

But let’s not get into that.

At Jon’s house I had my second little moment of the day. Jon was getting prepared to go to a concert featuring a girl that is very special to him and he sought my fashion advice before I took leave. Now, if you’ve ever seen me out and about you know very well that I don’t have any fashion sense to speak of, so I thought it was cool, and sort of flattering that Jon would even care what I thought of his wardrobe, let alone let me play a big part in deciding what he should wear on this special occasion. Anyway, Jon put on a sort-of mini fashion show and I gave yays and nays as appropriate. It was crazy and fun and I left with a smile on my face.

Then tonight as I was working on what will be the first installment of a new weekly feature (The Humpday Surprise) for this site I noticed that I’d received an E-mail this afternoon from a company I sent out a resume to late last week. They apparently thought I was pretty cool and the only thing holding them back from giving me an interview was that I hadn’t mentioned my salary requirements. I wrote them back quickly with what I thought was appropriate and I ran into the living room to tell Stef the news.

So the little things really did it for me today. And now unfortunately there are another couple of little details I have to attend to. My lack of sleep. And the fact that I haven’t spent any time with my wife since she got home tonight.

So off I go.