Symptoms of You

I’m listening to the Lindsay Lohan album via’s feature, The Leak. I’m don’t know whether I want to laugh at the music or laugh at myself for thinking it’s kind of good. I mean, you all know me: I am a shameless pop bubblegum whore. I like my rock music, too, and a little hip-hop here and there, but mostly I’m a pop music fan. Should I be ashamed of liking stupid shit like this? No, I don’t think so.

After all, whatever makes you smile at the end of a shitty day, right?

I woke up late, I fought with our computers to get them to speak with one another all day, and generally I got very little else accomplished. Part of me wants to go out and get into the car right now to see if I can find something to do.

Pardon me, I must mention that the chorus of the song I’m listening to right now involves the line, “All I do is suffer from the symptoms of you”. I can’t decide if this is brilliant songwriting or laughable songwriting. I think I’m just too tired to tell the difference.

I’m done.