Oncoming Struggle

All it really takes to make me happy on Sundays, from September through January, is a Patriots victory. I’m glad they won today because I made a lot of storm clouds are sort of looming overhead and I can use all the ammunition I can get in the oncoming struggle against my inner demons. First, I realized I won’t be able to stay in Cambridge this January for the final Lesley residency. We just don’t have the money for a hotel. Second, I realized that on Monday I will so many chores to do that I may not get any schoolwork done at all. Third, I realized that all of this is making my head hurt.

So, it’s a good thing that the Pat’s won. A Pat’s win is kind of a like a really good bowl of cereal on a morning when you’d rather not be up yet. It just makes everything else easier to take. It’s like in that Mary Poppins song, like a spoonful of sugar.

Anyway, somehow we’ll get through all of it. I know we will. In the meantime, I prepare myself for a day of laundry and groceries and oil changes, house cleaning if I have time, and maybe a little reading if the Gods are kind.

Maybe I’ll just stop all that at some point and work on my website. It’s about time I got the new version off of the ground so I can start getting contributors in here to brighten the landscape of the Bastad.