The Long Distance Friend Across Town

So KenMills and I went out to lunch today and afterwards we hopped on over to Best Buy in Nashua to pick us up our very own copies of Kevin Smith’s opus, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. At some point in the conversation, probably right after we’d finished laughing about the Johnny Cash song we were listening to in his truck, we got to talking about the Clerks Animated Series and the DVD that was put out of it. I reminded him that the last time he updated his webpage it was with a rant about the cancellation of that series. He was like, “Thanks for reminding me.” And I was like, “No problem.” Every time I hang out with KenMills I end up going home and wondering why I don’t spend more time with his crazy ass.

KenMills and I have been friends since high school. He went to Greater Lowell Voc. and I went to CHS. We met at the comic book store back in the day and became fast friends as we joined in in the AD&D games that went on there. Ken is actually responsible for every relationship I’ve ever had in an indirect way. Ken’s an all-around cool cat and the guy is just always fucking nice to me. I don’t know that Ken and I have ever had a serious disagreement.

Anyhoo, Ken and I went out to lunch at the new Smokey-Bones BBQ restaurant in Nashua and had way too may appetizers. Our main courses hardly got touched because of this. The food was good though and our conversation lively. I see Ken so infrequently that every visit with him is like a five-year reunion. We’ve got to catch each other up on shit. He’s got to tell me about his new nephew and I have to tell him about my unemployment and occasionally an old war story slips in, and if you’re in Best Buy with him in the keyboard section you might hear an old Soma “favorite” like Wilderness come out. I actually had to beg him to stop. Then we laughed about it.

How is it possible to have a long distance friendship with a guy who lives ten minutes down the road? How is that possible? There are many things I’ve decided to rectify during the tenure of my unemployment and this is one of them. We might not see each other every day like we did way back when but we shouldn’t be making our visits annual visits. Christ. The last time I saw him was at my wedding last April.

I’m serious when I say that I can picture myself old and gray and sitting on a porch somewhere drinking beers (well, whimpy little me will probably be drinking a Mike’s Hard Lemonade) with friends like Ken and JonMartin and Larsen and Jimmy and Tori and at least a dozen others. These are people I never want to lose and when they slip away for months and years it gets me really sad.

So, I resolve to get together with these folks more regularly. It’s harder to make friends as you get older and it was never easy for me to begin with. Plus, I love these people who’ve been in my life. If I had to stop making friends right now, and just keep the ones I have, I’d be content.

Ken and I had a good time today and if it weren’t for being laid off it might not have been possible so I thank chance for dealing me this card.

I’m discovering silver linings every day.