Really Early Entry

I came home from the part-time gig this afternoon and came up here to the office. My goal with the computer this afternoon had absolutely nothing to do with the wireless network. I wanted to clean up the clutter on the two drives and try to get rid of some backup folders that I no longer needed. It just so happened that when I went to delete all six and a half gigs of junk I cleaned up that I had a little time on my hands. So, I opened up the laptop to try one last thing. And, wouldn’t you know it, it worked.

This might be temporary, as I’ve read most fixes for the DI-624 are, but it seems to be a good all-around solution. Using the IP addresses instead of the actual computer names, I was able to connect to each machine with no problem. Occasionally, on the laptop, when I try to connect to the desktop, I am asked for a password. When I give it what it wants, it works fine. So, it seems like I have a solution.

I’m sure it’s firewall shit, which JonMartin thought it might be. I may even be able to make it easier once he takes a look at it. I’m just so glad that it was like a thirty-second fix that I just happened to do while waiting for the computer’s trash bin to empty.

I’m still waiting for the trash to empty, by the way. It’s been probably a half-hour at least, maybe closer to an hour. Six and a half gigs of crap is a lot to get rid of.

What was in the six and a half gigs? Well, it was backups of my old computer that I’d already taken what I needed from. There were backups of the laptop, too. A lot of crap. When I back up machines, I always stray on the side of backing up too much. So, I’ll be happy to have recovered all of that disk space.

Or is it disc space now? Am I showing my age? Hell, I read today somewhere that by 2010 most people won’t be using personal computers anyway. They’ll be using multiple gadgets and such. Or something. I also read that IBM wants to buy Apple. Most of what you find on the internet to read is total horseshit.

Just be glad you have my site to remind you about what the internet could be.