I was up late and then up early. Sleep did not matter to me. Maybe I’ll regret that later, but I had a lot of fun pulling the long hours, working on the upgrade of this site. It’s a little artistic project for me, a little distraction, and it makes me feel happy. So, how can you not love something like that? Right?

Anyway, that was how I spent most of my day. I did get out to deposit a check and get my car’s oil changed, but I came back right after that and got right back to work. The new page is coming along nicely. The functionality isn’t all there yet, but most of it is. And then I’ll get to add some new stuff.

The most frustrating thing, and it isn’t even really that frustrating, is that I have some little tweaks on the present system that work very well for me and there aren’t really alternatives on the new platform for all of them. The “Also on this date” feature is one thing that’s not quite working yet. That’s disappointing because, for me, at least, it’s one of my favorites.

I’m headed out to hang with the Lesley peeps in Cambridge for the evening. We’re having fondue, I understand. It should be cool.