Candy Bar

I wanted a candy bar this afternoon. So, I got one. On my way to the car, after I locked up the office, I stopped at the convenience store on the corner and I bought myself a Twix, one of the double-size ones, too. Most of the time I try really hard to keep myself from splurging like that. I don’t want to develop bad habits. It causes me to be too hard on myself. I have no faith that I can just have one candy bar on one day. I worry that I’ll start wanting one every day.

But, today I decided to just give myself a break and have a fucking candy bar. I’m stressed out because of my school stuff, because of the end of Stef’s school stuff, because of Christmas, because of my lack of writing lately. I wanted a candy bar and I thought that maybe, just this once, it would be okay to get one.

It was really good, too. I just wish I hadn’t had to eat in amidst the Godawful traffic on Storrow Drive.

I hope nobody is upset that the new version of the Bastad isn’t coming along quicker. I’ve decided that I’m taking my time with it. It’ll be up when it’s up. When I have time to work on the update, I work on it. But, I’m not pressing. I’ve done that too often with this site in the past and it’s taken away from the fun of it.

So, I had a candy bar and I’m not rushing things with this website. That’s about all I have to report.