Stray Cat Strut

There’s this cat the is spending a lot of time wandering around the outside of our townhouse. When the next door neighbor moved out a while back, they lost a cat during the move. It had just run out the door when they were packing up their last load of stuff. They asked me if I’d seen it, I said I hadn’t, and then they were off. Now, a few weeks later, I’m left wondering if this cat that I’m seeing a lot of is their missing cat.

It was freezing this morning and the poor thing was whining outside the sliding glass door that looks out from our kitchen to the backyard. We thought about letting it in, but we didn’t. We had our reasons but in hindsight none of them seem good enough. We’re both allergic, we had nothing to feed it, we had no litterbox, and we both had to leave for work, so if we let it in we would have had to let it have the run of the house for the day.

Still, I feel a bit guilty. If it is the former neighbor’s cat, maybe we should wrangle it in here and find a way to contact them. But, what if it’s just some other person’s cat who just wanders around the complex at night and in the morning? I don’t want to steal someone’s cat.

I mentioned all of this to JonMartin and Fred tonight during our time at Fred’s. I’m not sure they knew exactly what to do in this situation either.

Anyway, it’s not bothering me that much. I had a good day besides and I like my haircut (we didn’t color it this time and we went much shorter). I just wish that silly cat could find it’s home so I didn’t have to worry about it.