Creative Arts in Learning

Stephanie, along with the rest of her graduating class from Lesley University’s Creative Arts in Learning program, gave her final presentation tonight. As an artist, and as a kid who never did as well in school as he probably should have, it was exciting to see the ways in which this diverse collective wove art into their curriculums. It gave me hope that, if teachers like this actually are out there, even in small numbers, maybe any kids I have down the line will actually stand a chance.

The evening featured a math teacher doing karate, backed by a slideshow of architectural photographs that exhibited hidden mathematical concepts. It featured some dancing, some gorgeous music, and a lot of storytelling. Stef’s project dealt with connecting with your ancestors and your cultural heritage. She was great and when she was done it was as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

I was very mellow towards the end of the evening, thinking of my own impending graduation. Sure, it’s still a good six months away, but that’s six months. It used to be two years away. Talk about a “yikes” moment.

I started thinking about my novel and how incomplete it feels to me sometimes and I was getting low. So, I guess it’s a good thing that about then we got up to go and drove home.

Earlier in the day I had been working on pieceing together old home movies for a Christmas project I’ve been working on and that was rewarding, but emotionally draining, too. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll go to the comic book store, do something silly and fun. It’s all about balance, after all.