Secondary Surprise

Nothing I open on Christmas morning will be a surprise to me, or virtually nothing. I bought all the gifts that Stephanie will be “giving” me and the list I provided to Mom was fairly short. So, I’ve decided to live vicariously through others, Stephanie in particular. I’m not allowing her to see any of the things I bought until she opens them in front of the tree on Saturday. In that way, I will be able to take part, at least somewhat, in the tradition of surprise.

I’m excited to be getting the things I’m getting, though. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not at all sad about Christmas. I’m just trying to change it up a little bit. I’m trying to get my kicks from the giving this year instead of from the getting. That is, I guess, what it’s all about anyway.

I finished most of my shopping this afternoon into this evening and now I’m home cooking dinner. I just had to pause in the middle of this paragraph to check on something, as a matter of fact. We’re having steak, a good cut, I think, and whatever I put on for vegetables. We’re pretty plain when it comes to dinner. Maybe when school is over we’ll get more adventurous again, if we were ever adventurous to begin with.

And anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Taking care of the shopping has relieved some of the stress and knowing that I have a full week and a half to catch up on my writing and reading until work reopens after New Years is comforting as well.