Writer, Not Filmmaker

I’ve fought with the DVD I’ve been making for the entire day on Thursday and mostly I lost. The sound and video aren’t sinking up in some places and they are in others. The chapters I inserted in the video editing program are not in the same places that I put them when I preview the DVD, except for some random instances in the middle. There are random shots showing up that aren’t in the version I cut together. It’s a mess. It’s a big, fat mess.

It takes four hours to render the hour and twenty minute video. Every time I discover another screwup, I have to do it again. You can imagine my frustration.

During the first of these four-hour rendering times, I spent a good amount of time cleaning the house, wrapping presents, and taking care of various chores. I had anticipated we might have company, and our house was a pig-sty, so I decided to do something about it. When Stephanie came home later in the evening, she was thrilled. But, because I had just discovered another problem with my DVD, I was livid.

I just can’t understand what’s going wrong with this thing. The only thing I’m thinking now is that the computer doesn’t have enough processing power to handle the job. Maybe I need to render it in smaller chunks. Maybe that will work. I’m not sure.

What worries me there is if I string together lots of smaller chunks, will there be big pauses between chunks during playback? I’m not sure.

I also wonder whether it could have something to do with framerate. But, then again, if this were true, why would it randomly sync up correctly in one place in the middle of the damn thing?

This is why I am a writer and not a filmmaker.