Twas The Night Before, And All That Stuff

It took six hours to render the main portion of the video after I went through and cut out extraneous material. At the end of that six hours, I previewed the video and all of the material I cut was still there. Big surprise, huh? Well, I sat down and had myself one last try at it and wouldn’t you know it, it finally worked.

Once I got all of the clips condensed into one big file to edit, I was able to cut things out at will. Stuff that I had to pass through the footage three or four times just to catch a glimpse of before was there plain as day and that made it easier to mess with. I reedited the soundtrack, reset chapter points and added a few new ones, and then I set it to render again. This time, it swore, it would only take three hours.

And, yes indeedy, ladies and gentlemen, it finally fucking worked. The video and the audio sync up beautifully. I think the thing looks fucking fantastic and I’m sure that the parents are going to love it when they see it. Right now I just have to add a chapter selection menu to the DVD, which is a one-button automated process, and then I’m done.

So, I might actually get to bed when it’s still Christmas Eve instead of early Christmas morning.

For now, I bid you a fond farewell. Have a holly, jolly Christmas if that’s your idea of a good time and, if not, enjoy your Saturday and maybe have a laugh at all of us worshippers of the church of commerce and our silly commercialized holiday.