One Word

Back on Tuesday, after staying up late to witness the Patriots implosion during their game against the Miami Dolphins, I told my boss that the team was basically dead to me for the remainder of the week. Today they played a game that erased most of my fears that they were headed in a downward spiral. It was a nice way to spend a snowy afternoon in New Hampshire.

I’m struggling with the opening sentence of the next chapter of my novel. It’s a fun struggle, so don’t think that I’m upset about it. The issue is that I’ve been trying to come up with a different way to write the following sentence:

“Ashley leafed through the pages of her notebook, going over her notes on the Wednesday night regulars.”

I hate the idea of using the words notebook and notes in the same sentence. I’m a stickler for this kind of stuff. So, I sat around wondering if I should use the word journal instead of notebook or maybe notepad. Then, in talking with Stef, I came up with the idea of using the word profiles instead of the word notes. So, the sentence would then be:

“Ashley leafed through the pages of her notebook, going over her profiles of the Wednesday regulars.”

Profiles adds so much to the sentence, in my opinion. I marvel at the difference one word can make. In truth, I’ve been struggling to find that word for two or three weeks, the word that would make that sentence workable so that I could get to work on the next chapter.

Some people would say, and even I would agree with them on some days, that I should have just sat down and started trying to write, instead of pondering this for a fortnight. But, my methods have worked for me for years, so why change them now? I like to stew over things before I write them. More often than not, when I’m done stewing, great stuff comes out very fast.

So, tomorrow I’ll start writing again. I’ll start reading the stories I need to get read for the residency. And maybe I’ll even find time to install The Sims 2, which I got for Christmas.