Mr. Incredible

One of the presents I got for Christmas that I wasn’t expecting was a Mr. Incredible t-shirt. I still haven’t seen The Incredibles, but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, when I put on the shirt after my shower this afternoon I was feeling like Mr. Incredible. Today I managed to do some substantial work on the webpage, I managed to get a fair bit of reading done and a fair bit of writing, and I even had time to finally install The Sims 2 and give it a whirl.

Of course, when Stephanie got home with news about work, I didn’t feel so incredible anymore.

It turns out that her job was expecting her to be out of there as of Thursday. She’d been forthcoming with them about her desire to find a job more closely related to arts and education once she was done with school, but they took that to mean that she was definitely leaving, new job or not, at the end of the year.

So, they’re going to keep her on for a while, but we ended up kicking her job search into high-gear tonight and we both ended up fighting off bouts of depression about our situation before we finally sucked it up and moved on.

It does seem to me that we never get a break, that there’s always some obstacle standing in the way of our contentedness, but I’m trying not to think of it that way. What I’m trying to think of instead is how cool The Sims 2 was and how awesome it was to be writing again, for the second day in a row.

That’s what I’m trying to think about. Wish me luck in succeeding in that endeavor.