I spent nearly the entire day in front of the computer playing The Sims 2. This means that I got nothing done on my website, nothing done on my novel, and next to nothing done on my schoolwork. But right now I really don’t care. I had a blast playing the game, the most fun I’ve had wasting time in a good, long while, and I’m not about to sit here and feel guilty about it.

The game is addictive—there’s no denying that. It’s also pretty to look at, offers endless variations in the gameplay, and just really damn interesting. I mean, I’m not a big video game guy. There are only a couple of games that hold my interest. This one I could play for a couple days straight and not get tired of it.

I did run into some troubles with my video card early on, which necessitated downloading a new driver, but then it was smooth sailing. I played a few of the pre-made families and then started a single-character family of my own, because I found that the easier way to get your head around the gameplay during the first game.

The Sim I created and spent most of my time playing was Samantha Sinn. Her lifetime aspirations are for romance and she’s already made out with two different townsfolk (one male and one female). She’s quickly advancing up the “Slacker” career ladder.

I mean, come on: how cool is it that you can advance along a career path titled, Slacker?