A Decade of New Years

I’ve written a New Year’s Eve journal entry every year for the past decade. Whether on paper or on the computer, whether written before midnight or after, it’s been the one constant in my journal-keeping for the past ten years. There’s something about wrapping up the year and putting it down in writing that appeals to me, I guess. There’s something about looking back, even if I write about nothing more than what I did on that particular day, that helps ease me into the next year.

I woke up early and Stephanie woke up late. In the in-between time, I roamed the Internet, looking at Sims 2 sites, finding out all sorts of interesting things you can do in the game. When she got up, we futzed around for a bit, but eventually decided to spend the afternoon watching the extended version of The Return of the King. It was fantabulous and I was once again mortified at how incomplete the theatrical release of a LOTR movie feels compared to the more definitive version.

Once we got off our keesters and each took a shower, we headed over to Mom and Dad’s for the evening. We visited with John for a while, before he took off, and Grandma as well, and it was just a nice, pleasant evening for the most part. We did have a little discusson about unemployment that got me down, but they did a good job of picking me back up and all was fine again.

I got to thinking about which version of me I like better—the 1994 version or the 2004 version. A lot of me thinks that the 1994, seventeen year old that I was, was a much more together guy than the twenty-seven year old I am now. But, then again, I think that’s probably just a grass is always greener type of thing, or just the years dulling what an idiot I was.

It’s just really strange to look back on a decade. I’ve always considered 94 a cornerstone in my personal development. How far have I come since then? Some days I feel light-years away from the person I was, some days I feel like I haven’t changed at all.