New Year’s Day

With all of the stress of school over the past two years, we’ve missed quite a few family gatherings. Saturday we started to turn that around by heading over to my cousin Melissa’s birthday party. It was good to see everyone, although we didn’t see very much of the birthday girl because Melissa was busy, as you would expect a teenager to be, with her friends. I’ve always liked family gatherings, or I’ve at least liked them since the end of college, and this one made me feel happy.

On our way home I suggested we make an impromptu trip to the Mall of New Hampshire to pick up the Garden State DVD, which had been on our Christmas list before I realized that it didn’t come out until after Christmas. I also grabbed The Sims 2 official game guide.

We picked up some Taco Bell on the way home, Saturday being the last day before Stef tries to get back on a sensible diet, and when we were done, I came upstairs to play my game. Needless to say, I got carried away and played into the wee hours. I’ve really screwed up one of my Sim’s lives, as she was a girl obsessed with romance who is now saddled with a kid and an engagement. She is turning into one unhappy camper.