Getting Through the Presents

We’re actually going through our Christmas presents faster than I would have thought. By that I mean that we’ve either watched or played or worn quite a bit of what was under the tree already. Today I watched the Aerosmith You Gotta Move DVD while cleaning up the house and Stephanie and I watched Spider-Man 2 after dinner.

The A’smith disc was pretty killer, though I’d seen some of it before on A&E.  It was fairly strange that it didn’t automatically start playing its Dolby 5.1 soundtrack, instead playing the stereo-only PCM soundtrack, but I clicked a button or two and all was good.

I was sleepy by the time we watched Spider-Man 2, but I still enjoyed it. I love that movie except for two things: the fact that it sets up the Goblin, whether the Green or Hob version still to be determined, as the primary villain for the third flick; and, the way that we fade out on Mary Jane looking melancholy as she watches Peter swing out over the city. The first of those things just irks me and the second makes me mad because it makes me crave the opportunity to see what they do next.

If I’m making very little sense that’s because after the movie I stayed up late again to play The Sims 2. Yes. I know. I’m obsessed.