I have had pangs of guilt now and then over the past couple of weeks that John has been here, these little feelings that maybe I hadn’t made enough of an effort to hang out with my brother. That was why hanging out with him for a little bit this afternoon before his flight back to California made me feel so much better.

Mom and John showed up on my doorstep around noon. I gave John the tour of the house. Mom took a look around too, as she hadn’t been up since we moved in. When the tour was over I gave a demonstration of the power of my surround sound set-up, using Empire and the pod race sequence from The Phantom Menace as examples.

We picked up lunch at Subway along the way to the airport and ended up eating it in the food court area of the airport because the Subway we stopped at was built into a gas station. My soda ended up fizzing up the moment I opened it and I had myself a nice big stain on my jeans, but that didn’t stop me from getting up to get a chocolate chip cookie from one of the food court stands. So, I guess it wasn’t all that bad.

John got on the plane, Mom dropped me off here, and I played The Sims 2 for a little while before Stephanie came home and we ate and watched ESPN’s Top 100 Sports Stories of the Year, or whatever it was called.

Maybe the reason there has been so little dialogue on this page of late has to do with me writing shitty entries again. Oh well. Everyone has their droughts.