Lesley Residency 4.1

The first day of my last full residency as part of Lesley University’s MFA in Creative Writing program was not a very good one. I spent most of my day roaming about Logan International Airport, waiting for comrades to arrive from Missouri and Pennsylvania and Illinois and then I spent the balance of the day getting lost in Somerville and Cambridge, missing the opening portion of the first event of the residency, and eventually finding out that Stephanie had driven my car off the road on her way home from work.

Stef was driving my car so that I could use her car to pick up the three people I needed to pick up at the airport. She was unfamiliar with it, having only driven it once or twice, and had a hard time navigating the slick New Hampshire highways. She was fine. The car, she was pretty sure, was fine, but she was suggesting I find some place to stay in Cambridge.

This aggravated me. Not the fact that something had happened to her, or to my car, but the fact that now, after we had decided that we couldn’t afford for me to stay in a hotel for the week, now she was saying I should find some place to stay. I would have found a place months ago! Now it was too late. So, I drove home.

The car, it would turn out, was not fine. But that’s a story for Friday’s entry. For now, I’ll just say that it’s great to be back with this fine group of writers that I deeply admire and I am looking forward to another productive and exciting week here.