We Brake For Nobody

After today I must say that I think days off from unemployment should be wholly and fully encouraged. Yesterday morning I was a total mess. I didn’t know what to do with myself and so I took the day off. I thought it might be a waste but I said, “What the hell?” and just did it. And today it paid off. It paid off big. Among many other things I finished off the first draft of a screenplay I’d been working on for months, and I scored my first interview of this whole job hunting process.

I actually spent most of today relaxing. After a quick meeting with my career counselor (paid for, oh so graciously, by the former employers as a “transition” service) I came home and spent a good deal of time with my brand new Jay and Silent Bob DVD. I alternated between the living room couch and the office here where I worked on polishing off one of the songs I’d been working on with that friend of mine the other day, as well as on the new PBT video.

After lunch and more of Jay and Bob I decided to take a stab at finishing the beast of a screenplay I’ve been warring with for months. It’s the third in a trilogy of screenplays about the Silver family. Those of you who’ve been with me since the Bradford days will remember that I directed two stage plays from scripts I’d written. Well, those two plays were the basis for the first two screenplays in this trilogy. This third screenplay was totally original, written from scratch.

For those of you who haven’t been around that long, here’s the deal. I was a big comic book reader as a kid and one of my favorite things about comics was that all of the characters existed within the same universe. Spider-Man could team up with the X-Men. That kind of stuff. As you all probably know, I am also a big fan of Kevin Smith’s Jersey Chronicles, where characters frequently appear, or are referenced in multiple movies. I love the idea of a linked universe and so all of my fiction (stories, novels, plays, etc.) takes place in the same universe. It’s just more fun that way.

The first screenplay is called A Lick and A Promise and it’s based off of a one-act play I wrote during my junior year of college. The story revolves around a girl by the name of Veronica Silver and follows her exploits from her senior year of high school through her rather strange engagement. Veronica is in love with a woman you see, but terrified of coming out with it, if you will. So she gets engaged to a man as a front. But the truth, as it so often does, finds it’s way out in hilarious and hurtful ways.

The second screenplay is called The People vs. Jesus Christ and it’s based off a full-length play I wrote for my senior project at Bradford. The story revolves around Michael Silver and follows his exploits during the tumultuous week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday the year after he’s graduated college. Almost six years prior his grandfather died of cancer and history is repeating itself as his best friend wilts away from the same disease. Unable to accept it he goes to great lengths to prevent time from moving on.

The third screenplay was supposed to tie the previous two together. It is currently untitled but it revolves around a guy named Kevin Walker who is dating a young woman named Ashley Silver and trying to turn a story written by her cousin Matthew into a movie. The only trouble is, Matt’s dead, (as detailed in the short story “Death by Cursor’) and he’s left the rights to the story to all of the people in his immediate family which includes Veronica (his sister, from Lick) and Mike (his cousin, from Christ). Kevin drags Ashley from their home in Los Angeles all the way back to Massachusetts to try and win approval on the screenplay and on their relationship.

The screenplay turned out much better than I thought it would. I can’t wait to hand it around to some friends and get some feedback.

Oh and it’s really not as complicated as it sounds.

I accomplished a helluva lot today. Aside from finishing the screenplay I landed an interview at a nearby company, (though they probably won’t be able to pay me what I’m looking for), wrote a new song, got about 45 seconds into my new video and typed this here thing.

Like I said, I guess you can take a day off from just about anything and have it be worthwhile.