Lesley Residency 4.6

A few of the people of my Lesley pals had expressed an interest in checking out the stage production of A Lick and a Promise, which I have on video. This had come up because of the fact that the chapter I submitted to our large group workshop borrowed heavily from the stage play and my later screenplay adaptation.

We watched it at Sara’s apartment on Tuesday afternoon, during one of our extended periods of downtime. Jill was there, and Shera, too. They all seemed to enjoy it but their enjoyment of it was only one of the benefits I got out of the afternoon. The other, because I hadn’t watched the video in so long, was a better understanding on my part of what might be missing in the chapter I’ve been working on.

Sara pointed out that there was a speech I’d cut from the chapter that was present in the play and that it might have helped out with some of the issues we went over in workshop. For those of you who have seen the play, you’ll recall Veronica’s speech about the fear of her parents. It succinctly explains why she is so torn about revealing her sexuality to her family.

A modification of this speech, changed to incorporate information that has changed in the prose version, would, along with appropriate behavioral descriptions, do wonders to further our understanding of Veronica’s somewhat fucked-up choices during the chapter in question.

It was a nice way to spend an afternoon. After that we had Thai food for dinner and we went to Porter Square Books to see Tony Eprile, my advisor, read. And, after that, we went back to my hotel and threw back a couple (is that even the right expression?) while discussing feminism and watching Blue Crush on USA.