Lesley Residency 4.9

It was more of the same on Friday, except that some people were leaving and the rest of us were struggling to find one last burst of wind to carry us through the rest of the weekend. They extended the residency by a day this time around and though it seemed like a good idea at the time, I think most of the participants are ready for a nice, long nap.

We had a huge amount of off-time today, no significant events taking place between lunch and dinner. Sara, who had a wedding to catch a flight to, departed unceremoniously after lunch. Scott, Shera, and Jill took in a movie, Million Dollar Baby, if I’m remembering correctly. I was under the assumption that my meeting with my advisor might take more than thirty seconds, so I skipped out.

During my big, long break, I checked out some of the book stores in Harvard Square, a residency tradition. I only bought one, and it wasn’t on my list. I just happened to stumble upon a book on summer houses on Cape Cod, which is exactly what I’m writing about in my novel. I considered coming back for it some other time, but then I mentally slapped myself upside the head and told myself that “No, this is the kind of book you buy when you see it.” It was called The Big House. It was a National Book Award finalist. And, from what I’ve read so far, it is exactly what I needed.

We did dinner, and then our final reading, and then Shera, Jill, Erica, and I went out for a quick drink at Cambridge Common. Erica drove me back to the hotel, so I wouldn’t have to walk in the increasing cold, and then I worked on my next chapter before going to bed.