Lesley Residency 4.10

The last day of the residency is always the easiest and the hardest. And, this being my last full residency, all that seems amplified ten-fold. Who knows how quickly these friendships will crumble? Who knows if we’ll all make it through the semester intact? It’s a big guessing game. But, as always, we celebrated the end of our week together in style. The two graduating students, who transferred into the program the same time I started it, already with a semester’s worth of credit under their belts, gave their graduate readings. We had a publishing panel in the morning that wasn’t as bleak as those in the past have been. And I had wine, and quite a fair share of it.

There was a lot of downtime between the panel in the morning and the reading in the evening. Shera, Jill, and I took the T over to Kendall Square and took in a showing of Sideways, which was just brilliant. After that, Shera went off on her own for a while and Jill and I watched the first half of the Jets-Steelers game up in the student lounge.

The readings were phenomenal, one poetry and one creative nonfiction. They both got standing ovations, and they both deserved them. Later, at the closing party, some of us non-graduates read. I started in on the wine, becoming particularly enamored of the Pinot (capitalization necessary?), having just seen a movie where it was spoken about so lovingly.

I got quite a buzz on by the time we headed off campus and up the street to Cambridge Common. I met a girl from the program for the first time who actually knew Jess Woob via the Internet, back in the day. We took many great pictures of Scott with horrific red-eye. It was a good time.

Back in my hotel room, I started packing my things so that I would be ready to go in the morning. I would be taking Shera and Bryan to the airport on Sunday, feeling sick from the wine possibly, from the impending Pats-Colts game definitely, and feeling generally mopey about the week being over.

The great work begins. Or something.