Untitled & Pissed Off

Well I had a pretty swell day until I came home. Stef and I drove across Massachusetts all the way to the New York border. She experienced the hair-pin turn just outside of North Adams (has to be seen to believed) for the first time and we said Hi to New York and then headed home. Of course, when we got back all the unpleasantness of my computer’s recent decision to turn it’s back on me reared it’s ugly head. I am now faced with the possibility of having to do another clean install of Windows less than a week and a half after I did it the last time. I am not happy.

I don’t have any energy to be creative right now. Things are a mess. Every time I do one little thing on my computer another little thing breaks. Programs seem to be uninstalling themselves. I get error messages when I start the machine. Things are just generally not good. I’m thinking that just starting from scratch again might be the best idea.

Of course with a busy day tomorrow the first chance I’ll have to do this is Monday and for some reason I recall having something to do on Monday.

I am so pissed off right now I could put my fist through this monitor. I don’t know where I screwed up but I screwed up big this time.

Before I do something I’ll probably regret I need to get away from this computer. I’m sorry, but this is all you get tonight.