Monday Went Well

Monday went remarkably well. I was convinced it was going to go poorly, but it did not. That was a nice surprise. I am always happy for that kind of surprise. I am not happy for the lack of writing ability I am exhibiting right now. But, whatever. Monday went well. That’s what’s important. That’s the idea here. If you don’t like it, well then you can leave.

Monday went well because my car didn’t need any repairs. I had been thinking that my brakes were going, so I brought into the shop to have them checked. It turns out that they’re not going at all, that they’re fine, and that the very subtle noise I sometimes here when coming to a complete stop is actually normal.

Monday also went well because they didn’t charge me to tell me this.

Monday went well because I managed to get chores done. I bought a binder and a shitload of paper to get my thesis organized. I went out and got Stephanie and I something to eat that wasn’t bad for us. And, if you consider that getting the car checked out was a chore, I did that, too.

Monday went well because I got writing done, about four pages of it. I had decided on Sunday to scrap what I had of Chapter 8. I was terrified I wouldn’t know where to begin on rewriting it. On Monday I was able to get really going on it.

And there were other reasons that Monday went well, but I can’t remember them now.