Tuesday Went Poorly

Tuesday was the antithesis of Monday. Where Monday went well, Tuesday went poorly. It began with a failure of the server on which this site is hosted. It ended with the loss of two day’s worth of data because of this outage. In between there were shitty commutes and a lot of false hope that my data might not be lost. There were headaches and arguments with the wife and shitheads at her job doing stupid shit that, when I was told about, provoked the worst of my nature.

Let’s start with the shitheads from Stef’s work because they’re fresh in my mind and I’m pissed about them right now.

So, Stef’s been nauseous the last couple of days. It gets out to one of her girlfriends that she’s also not exactly on schedule with her monthly womanly issues. Because I guess it’s common knowledge that we’ve been trying for a kid, people start to ask her if she’s pregnant. Okay, this I can deal with.

But, guys yelling across the way to her, saying shit about keeping the little one safe, that pisses me off. They know nothing about the false hopes that we’ve had, or the false alarms if you want to call them that. They don’t know what we’ve been through, that this is not funny. They should mind their own fucking business is what they should do.

All the talk has gotten her hopes up. My remain relatively subdued. This has happened before. And being sick is just that: it’s being sick. It doesn’t mean anything. So, she’s also late. So what? Don’t fuck with me. Okay?

Anyway, this was irritating me more than it should have because my web server died and took with it two days worth of data. I had just sent an e-mail the announce to the new Lesley folks the location of our unofficial message board and now it was nowhere to be found. I looked like a fool. I felt like a fool. I was taking it out on assholes I hadn’t even ever met.

That was Tuesday.