Writing a Boatload

I wrote a boatload on Friday and it was really fulfilling. I started off by finishing the chapter I’d been working on (I’ve stopped giving them numbers as I keep coming up with chapters I need to insert that keep messing up the numbering) and then I wrote a whole new chapter. This may sound ludicrous to you but when I get going, I get going. Sure, some of it will probably be shit. But the nice part is that I allowed myself to just go with it. Now, if I can finish the next two chapters I have to write for the deadline in the same amount of time, I’ll still have time to revise them and make them less shitty.

And what’s really great about writing this novel is that there are moments where I stop typing and I think to myself, “This is a real novel. Holy shit.”

On Friday, for instance, I reached this moment between two of the main characters, Michael and Matt, where they’re having a heart to heart about facing rejection and shittiness in your work when you’re an artist. Maybe it’s because I’ve been dealing with the same feelings of late, but the scene was just real powerful, real dramatic. I felt that feeling that Gardner describes in On Becoming a Novelist, where you’re sure that something else took over your body for a moment there, where you start to wonder, if you’re traditionally an agnostic bordering on atheism, as I am, if your perceptions of the divine aren’t all wonked up.

I also managed to go for my walk today, despite it being 5 degrees outside and negative something with the wind chill. I was so bundled up, in fact, that I was sweating like a pig when I got home.

So, it was a good day. Now I just have to figure out a way to carry that into the weekend. My schedule at the part-time gig changes next week so I won’t have Monday anymore to do work on.