Cocky Sportswriters

I took a break from my writing on Saturday afternoon to make a run to Target for couple of things. On the way there, I turned on the local sports radio station and took a listen to all the so-called experts and what they had to say about Sunday’s football game between the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Most of them were saying that the Steelers didn’t stand a chance, that there was no way the Pats could lose. And this got me more pissed off than I’d imagined possible. Not like bent out of shape pissed off, but seriously irked.

I’ve been listening to this all week, and really, ever since we lost to the Steelers back on Halloween. People have been telling me, “I’m not worried about the Steelers,” while I’ve been rooting every week for someone else to knock them off so we didn’t have to deal with them. I side with the coach on this one. Did these people not see that last game? Did they not see how we got our asses handed to us?

See I think sports commentators in Boston are getting too cocky. The Sox won the Series, as many predicted they would after coming back against the Yanks, and suddenly sportswriters all over New England think they can pick the local team to win without consequence. We’re still New Englanders, people! We are still capable of blowing the big games! Especially against a team that handed our ass to us not all that long ago.

They bring up stats: Belichick (the coach) has never lost when facing an opposing quarterback for the second time in a season. Brady (the quarterback) is, like, 7-0 in postseason play. We didn’t have Corey Dillon last time.


We were down 21-3 in the first quarter last time around. What makes you think the same thing isn’t going to happen again?

Okay, so maybe I’m a defeatist. Maybe I have a little pessimism in my soul. I want the Pats to win bad, and I’ll be distraught if they lose, but I’m trying to prepare myself. I really don’t want to listen to these jackasses on Monday morning if I’m right and they’re wrong. This is one case in which I would really like to be told, “I told you so.”