Keeping Going

Amazingly, on Monday I actually managed to churn out a full, if shitty, draft of the fourth and final chapter I need to turn in for my first Lesley deadline. It was a great feeling, though the whole second half of it felt really rushed. And it proved to me, for at least a few minutes, that I really might be able to do this, that I really did have some drive in my body.

My back hurt all day, though. That was a real pain. In doing all the shoveling I had done on Sunday, I must’ve pulled something, or maybe multiple things. Or else I just worked some muscles that haven’t been worked in months. I don’t know.

Anyway, I wish that I could’ve continued on that high that writing the chapter provided, but instead I got wrapped up in trying to transfer onto DVD two TV shows that we had the computer record while we watched the Pats game on Sunday night. The computer used to be able to do it really easily, but I guess something in the Windows XP SP2 upgrade is conflicting with that program. I tried to find ways around it and they were all difficult and time-consuming. I guess this is why they have people putting their media center PCs in their living rooms now.