On Wednesday morning I still wasn’t feeling ready to tackle the task of revising the forty pages worth of material I’ve produced over the past week. So I took the opportunity to watch the Sarah McLachlan DVD I got for Christmas. It was wonderful. Not only did it remind me of all of the songs of hers that I love so much, it also managed to recharge me and get me excited to get back into the creative process.

The concert featured this gorgeous foresty kind of set. For a band she’d gathered the best people from all of the bands she’d put together previous, including Dave Kershaw, the keyboardist/organist who toured with her in support of Fumbling, whose presence was sorely missed on the Surfacing tour. She did all of the best songs. The only one of my favorites that was missing was “Plenty”. I cried, I sang along. I would’ve been a hoot to watch, I’m sure. But I didn’t care.

After lunch, I sat down to read through what I’d been writing. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it flowed. There were points in which it was lacking a detail here or there, but I was really excited that I’d at least kept the narrative flow going, that I’d kept it moving in the right direction.

This made it that much harder to do any substantial edits, though. I was in a place where I was just mezmerized by my own good work. So I played The Sims 2 for a while. I messed around with my webpage. And then Stef came home and we watched Smallville.