Mr. Poopypants

Today I have made it through a severe case of the runs, a birthday party where children somehow got the impression that I was a jungle gym, and the first half of a total reinstall of Windows. I am hoping that I will not face any of these beasts again any time in the near future. There are no guarantees, of course, that I will be so lucky, but I am feeling pretty positive that I made it through today intact.

So there’s this problem I’ve been having this past week with my site alright? The service that I run my counter through (a counter, for the uninformed, is just that, a little program that counts visitors to a site) went down last week. It took me a few days to realize that was what was slowing my site’s loadtime down to a crawl. That pissed me off because I probably lost visitors. People on the net don’t like to wait for things. I certainly don’t.

I figured out the problem and shut down the counter until today when the service came back on. The trouble is, while it’s been not working I’ve had no idea who’s coming to my page, how often, or if anyone is coming at all.

A frightening prospect for an insecure webmaster.

What makes it more frightening is that I haven’t been particularly confident in my entries this past week. I was worried that, what I perceived as low quality content, might be driving people away. Of course, I had no proof, because I had no counter.

There’s this whole argument amongst writers, and I suppose, entertainers in general. Are you writing for yourself, or for the audience? I think that a lack of a counter or some device by which to measure your effectiveness, tends to lead you towards self-indulgent art. This can be good or bad. You can either go deeper than you normally would because you’re not sure anyone is listening, or you can just stop trying because…

You’re not sure if anybody’s listening.

I’m not sure. What do you think? What’s your opinion of the recent entries. Email

For now though, I’m gonna assume I didn’t lose anybody and cut this rant off here. I got the whole rest of my computer to reinstall.