I Also Did the Groceries

I stayed in bed almost till noon on Sunday, but when I did get up I finally had the germ of an idea I’d been searching for for a week. Sometimes, it seems, it’s good to be a lazy bum with no ambition to do anything other than fall back to sleep. I’m sure others have tried to point this out to me in the past, but there are some things you have to experience for yourself.

On Saturday, Stef had convinced me that I should give up on trying to revise the chapters I’d been trying to revise, at least for now, and focus on the remaining new work I needed to do for the thesis. After all, if I was still in a “new work” frame of mind, why not exploit that? So, I had gotten to thinking about what the first of the four chapters I wanted to insert into the early portion of the novel was going to deal with.

I knew, thematically, what had to happen. But, in terms of dramatic action, I was lost.

The idea that finally came to me on Sunday morning was one of those things you can’t believe you’ve forgotten. Since my story has very loose connections to my own history, I have often found inspirations for scenes there. All it took was going back to the well.

I am being vague. For that, I apologize. I just realize that I can’t really get into my new ideas without going over everything that’s gone on in the novel already.

When I got out of bed, I spent a lot of time downstairs, stewing over the idea during commercial breaks on the NFL Network. They had a marathon of half-hour SuperBowl recap shows that we kept on for most of the day. When I finally got tired of stewing, I brought down the laptop and did some of the last bits of work required to get this site moved over to its new publishing program.

I also did the groceries, at some point.