No Business

I am reading this amazing memoir about a summer home on Cape Cod. It’s titled The Big House. I had a moment this afternoon, while reading through the author’s acknowledgements, where I began to think that I have no business writing a novel about the Cape. I chided myself internally for not having done enough research. I wondered why, as a kid who never spent any significant time down the Cape as a kid, why I needed to set my story in that place.

I got really down on myself. At dinner, Stef straightened me out, but it was a dark drive home at times.

It had been a fairly good day besides, though. In fact, I had never been so excited to get out of the house and go to work. After being snowed in much of last week, it was thrilling just to get out of the house for something productive. And there was plenty to do at work, so I kept busy.

I am making more and more progress on the update of this page. Of course, I should be worrying about my thesis instead, but whatever. I still like the idea of getting this page updated by the end of the week. That probably won’t happen, but it’s a nice goal.