Too Much Stress Relief?

I’m doing too much thinking and not enough writing. I’ve probably written that sentence before. But, for therapuetic purposes, I felt the need to write it again. Sometimes it’s necessary for me to just write something out. If I write it, if I give it some form of permanence, then perhaps I will finally acknowledge it as true.

I wrote like crazy that first week I was back from school. Now I’m not writing at all. There was some magic during that first week, something I decided within myself, that I have to recapture. I allowed myself to just write. Just do it, like a Nike commercial. It was insane, but it worked. And the results weren’t too bad.

Now, perhaps that is the result of having thought about what I was going to write for so long, but I’m actually starting to believe that it’s partially because I hadn’t stewed over every little detail that it came out so well as a first draft.

Anyway, I need to get back to writing. But, I’ve allowed some of the redevelopment of this site to get in my way. It’s not too bad, this situation, at least not yet. But I have to learn balance. Rebuilding the site is like stress-relief right now, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m relieving more stress than I actually have.

Hmm… that’s an interesting thought. If you try to do too much stress relief, do you then convince yourself you’re stressed when you’re actually not stressed at all, just so you can do more stress relief?