I am never buying a Windows machine again. I am not denying the fact that any computer is going to have it’s problems—I’m sure both Linux and Apple machines have their fair share. What I guess I’m saying is that I’m ready for a different set of problems, hopefully problems that I can do something about without reinstalling every piece of software on my damn machine.

It seems that at some point in the last week, six or seven DirectX files have decided to disappear or, rather, they have decided to just not be recognized by Windows and DirectX—they’re still on the machine. The result is that my graphics card, which includes a TV tuner, can no longer display the video coming from the TV tuner and that it also has intermittent problems playing games like The Sims 2. It plays high-quality video just fine, it plays DVDs fine, and there are no signs that the graphics card itself is shitting the bed. It just seems to be these missing files that are causing the issue.

So, I roamed the Internet looking for a solution. They all say to reinstall DirectX, which, in theory, sounds like a wonderfully simple solution. However, this being Windows, every time I try to reinstall DirectX it simply skips right to the “Everything’s Installed” screen without trying to install a damned thing.

People complain about the pricetag on Macintosh computers, but if you figure in all the man-hours you put into maintaining a Windows machine, even for just everyday use, the price differential is nill. I have wasted far too much of my life trying to make computers work for me. I want something that I turn on and it just does what I want it to. I have given Billy-boy Gates plenty of chances, but he and his company have blown every single one of them. I’m done.