I fought with the computer again today and I don’t want to rehash what I said yesterday, except to say that the HP Technical Support people are completely inept and had me try the same solutions about six different times with no change in the computer’s problems. I am going to relegate all my discussion on the topic to the comments in yesterday’s entry. I’m done talking about it for now. I’ve wasted too much time.

The only positive things I can say about today are that Stef and I had a good time watching another of the DVDs we got for Christmas (Night Shift) and I also managed to watch one of the episodes of Roots: The Next Generations, which gave me some great ideas for the novel. My pockets of inspiration were few and far between, though, and I imagine I’m not going to be all that inspired to do work on Super Bowl Sunday, so it’s a good thing I did so much work on my novel right away so that I’ll have something to hand in for the deadline.

I do think I managed to fit a little bit of site-building in as well, though I’m not sure when I did that (that’s the type of day it’s been). The site grows ever closer to relaunching. But, I’m not going to pressure myself about it. When it happens, it will happen.