Nothing In Particular

On days like today, when nothing in particular is eating at me, you usually get one of two different kinds of entries. Either you get something really inventive and crazy or you get a report of what I had for lunch and whether someone looked at me funny on the train. I’d like to get better at digging out little moments of my day to focus on in these entries, to sharpen my writer’s eye and really zoom in on one thing, or two, instead of trying to recap a whole day.

Because, first and foremost, this webpage is an excuse to exercise my writerly muscles. If I’m not doing that, I’m really just distracting myself from more important endeavors.

Which reminds me of a line that I plan on using as soon as I get back to work on the novel. The line is, “Focus, Mr. Silver. What you need is focus.” And I’ve been repeating this line around the house all weekend as a sort of mantra, every time something has distracted me from getting back to the writing, which has been quite a few times. You could switch the name Silver with the name Clark, I suppose.

I may get a little time off during the day tomorrow to go check out the parade. There’s no rally, though. That’s disappointing. Mayor Menino claims that more people will get to see the team that way. That’s bullshit, because the parade route is the same length as before, but now you’re not letting all the people into City Hall Plaza who were there previously, so all of them have to crowd in with all the others along the parade route.