Interpretive Dance

I got to go see the Patriots parade on Tuesday and that really just made my life complete, so I have nothing to whine about today. Sorry for all you Whiny Chris fans, but I just have nothing for you. Instead, I would like to do an interpretive dance to illustrate my joyous demeanor at the moment. The trouble is that you can’t see the dance because I don’t have a video camera with which to record it.

Was that whining? I think that might have been whining. Oh well.

Aside from seeing the parade, which was much more sparsely attended than I would have figured, especially considering it was the nicest day out of all three Pats parades so far, I didn’t really do much else of note on Tuesday. I did my work, which involved a lot of filing, and I went looking to see if the Pepsi-iTunes promotion, which involves codes under bottle caps, included Siera Mist Free (it does not).

On Wednesday, I’ll send the first of my submissions for my Master’s program. It’s not nearly as polished as I would like, but I have so much new work to do that I figured, while I’m in the new work mode, I’d better take advantage of it. I’ll leave the revision to be done all at once.