The Downward Spiral of Brechtian Punk Cabaret?

On Thursday, The NIN Hotline reported that, according to Amanda Palmer, herself, the Dresden Dolls would be opening for Nine Inch Nails at their planned gigs in England this spring. That had me jumping for joy. I mean, I’m not going to England just to see a concert—though, I should get over there to see JonMartin eventually—but it got me thinking that maybe the Dolls might open for them when they tour over here, too.

That, my friends, would be one hell of a concert. If you haven’t heard of the Dresden Dolls, do check them out at their official site. They describe their act as “Brechtian Punk Cabaret”.

As for other Thursday news, I just wrote. There were a couple of errands in the morning, including a trip to the post office to mail my first submission of the semester, but, other than that, I wrote. What I came out with was okay, but not spectacular. That’s alright, though. I’ll be editing the whole damn thing over the next month and it’ll all get better.

We watched Smallville, too. Sometimes I love the show—last week was particularly intense—and sometimes I don’t. That’s mostly because, like many TV shows, they completely forget about what’s just happened in the previous week sometimes. Like, last week his girlfriend got murdered and this week there’s a bunch of sorority girls all over him, trying to entice him into committing to Metropolis University, and the thought of his just-dead love never even enters his mind? Anyway, next week they’re doing an episode featuring the super-powered dog, Krypto, which will either be totally silly or really fun. I’m betting on really fun, but that’s just me.