You can Google and Google and Google some more, but there are just some people who simply don’t exist online. It’s frustrating, as someone who’s put themselves out there for the world to see, to finally come to the conclusion that there are some people who just aren’t as self-centered, egocentric, and exhibitionistic as you are. When you want information on the current whereabouts of Ex-Girlfriend A or on the marital status of that girl who pantsed you in high school, shouldn’t you be able to find it with a couple of keystrokes?

It seems unfair, doesn’t it, that you can’t find anyone you want to find, that some people have actually managed to evade the compulsion to publish a homepage or write in a Livejournal? And even if they hadn’t done that, you’d expect that they’d at least fill out the membership form at or something, right?

I’m not sure why I’ve gotten off on this rant except to point out that there are certain people I am perpetually Googling in an attempt to see what they’re up to and they never come up on any search I do. They just don’t exist, and that frustrates me.

In other news, I got to read the full draft of the screenplay that JonMartin and I have been working on for a good long time, the one that Andy also joined in on this past summer and fall. I would say that most of the work is Jon’s, and I would also say that it is quite fabulous. I read it on a break from my thesis writing, which, despite my best intentions, did not progress as far as I would have liked today.

So, that’s that. Just for the hell of it, try Googling someone you haven’t thought of in ages and see what happens and then come back and report your results here. I’m curious to see if anyone else has better luck than I’ve been having.