Bye-Bye IE?

An anonymous reader on Slashdot wonders if products like Windows XP Reduced Media Edition might mean the end of Internet Explorer. One can only hope, right?

The thing about IE is that it sucks donkey dick, okay? I mean, I don’t care if you use Netscape or Opera, Firefox or Lynx—just don’t tell me you’re using Internet Explorer.

IE has so many flaws that there are some people can’t even explain. In the process of redesigning my page, I have had to deal with all kinds of IE bugs and it just drives a person batty. Add to that its ability to be exploited by just about any hacker worth his salt, and the fact that it doesn’t yet offer tabbed browsing, and I can’t see why anyone still willingly uses it.

So, let’s hope that Mr. Anonymous Poster at Slashdot is on to something.