Sunday Night Boredom

Stef and I, instead of watching our regular Sunday shows [Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and Desperate Housewives], decided to watch the Pro-Bowl. And then, when that got boring, we decided to flip to the Grammys. And then, when that got boring, we flipped back. Neither “special presentation” was all that interesting. In fact,’s Helen Popkin put it nicely, calling the Grammys, “a whole lot of dull.”

The performances we did see during the Grammy telecast did seem to be more interesting than I’ve found them in recent years (I loved the Green Day performance, in particular. But, since when do Billie Joe and the boys need a second guitar player?), but that’s not saying much. I haven’t seen an interesting music awards show since the late 90s, when Chris Rock was hosting the MTV VMAs.

And now he’s hosting the Oscars. I wonder if that will be as dull as the Grammys were. I mean, the Oscars don’t even have music. At least not any good music. And, I mean, ABC isn’t going to give him the leeway he needs to be funny either. This is Chris Rock, not Billy Crystal, we’re talking about. A certain amount of indecency is not only expected of him—it’s a vital part of his act.