Singles Awareness Day?

Beth posted an entry on her blog today, titled Happy Singles Awareness Day! It got me thinking about the whole process of Valentine’s Day and whether or not it’s actually more miserable for those of us in a relationship than those of us who are not.

I mean, sure: being single on a day that’s all about appreciating love and appreciating the one you love has got to suck. But, if you’re single, you have no obligation. There’s no one to buy a card for, no need to wonder if they’d rather have chocolate or roses, no sweaty panic induced by trying to figure out if they’re going to get you something… It’s all so simple. If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you mope about it for a minute and then you forget about it.

If you’re in a relationship, it’s a fucking pain in the ass, especially if the relationship is long-term. How many floral arrangements can you give before it just gets tired? How many boxes of chocolate? How many stuffed bears? I know it’s the thought that counts, but how much thought actually goes into this shit?

What am I going to bring home for Stef? That question has been playing at the fringes of my mind all day. Considering how congested it was on the red line this morning, I’m not sure buying anything before I head home is a good idea. (We were packed in so tight that the two young ladies in front of me could’ve rightfully turned around and slapped me for where my hand ended up getting wedged in. Then again, I could’ve done the same to the gentleman standing behind me, so I guess we’re all square.) And I won’t be back in Merrimack until close to 8 o’clock, and I’ll have to make dinner when I get home, so the idea of starting that even later than normal just to pick up some flowers sounds a little bit crazy. In the end, it’s all just silly.

What I should have done, what I’ve done on several special occasions preceding this one, was send flowers to her office. I just got tied up with work today, and didn’t have a chance. Oh well. Such is the married man’s lament.

I just hope she didn’t get me anything, at least not anything too big. Because no matter what I do, it’s not going be very good at all.