College Basketball

Guest Post by Beth the Bassist

So, this year my football team has won (twice) and the Red Sox won for the first time since my grandmother was younger than I was…and yet I’m missing one thing.  No, not the Celtics.  I’m in love with a new sport:  College Basketball.

Growing up, I was a Celtics fan…more so than any other sport.  Larry Bird is still my hero.  I was five when the Celtics won the championship in ‘86.  I don’t remember the Sox losing, but I remember the Celts winning.  Then Larry Bird retired, Reggie Lewis died, they tore down the Garden, and Michael Jordan ruined the game (yes, that’s right, ruined).  I thought the only joy out of basketball I’d ever again would be through the youth league in my town.

Then I fell in love with a boy from Kansas.  I taught him to love the Celtics and he taught me to love the Kansas University Jayhawks.  The year we met, the Jayhawks made it to final game.  And I was hooked.  Now, two years later, I still love the same boy and the same team.

Today they moved up a spot in the rankings to #2, behind the Annoying Illini.  They just played a double-overtime-close-the-whole-way-knuckle-biter.  And lost.  To #25 Texas Tech.  And I’m depressed.  But there’s still the most exciting month of non-baseball sports action to come, March Madness.

In conclusion, right now my heart is fluttering and the research I was doing is sitting on the floor as I recover from this game.  And my boyfriend is at work, having to rely on my text messages and a well-timed-3.7-second-left phonecall.


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