Copy Protection Rant

Copy-protection, copy-protection, and more copy-protection. Am I the only one that thinks that if the entertainment industry made more of an investment in producing quality content that we want to shell out the ridiculous prices for, then they wouldn’t be dealing with as much piracy as they are now?

Seriously. We need to stop worrying about who is copying what and just leave them alone. As an author, I don’t get pissed off at people taking my book out of the library instead of buying a copy of it. I’m just excited that they want to read it at all. And, does the publishing industry go after used book stores? No, they don’t.

Maybe this comes off as completely off-the-wall, but I don’t care. I’m sick of copy-protection, of not being able to rip the songs on my Sarah McLachlan CD to my computer in the format of my choosing and having to deal with fucking crippled WMA files instead.

Stop the madness! Macrovision, give it up! You invent new ways to copy-protect and people are just going to invent new ways to break your scheme. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.