Just My Opinion. I could be wrong.

I love Dennis Miller. I love comedians like him, funny men with brains who aren’t afraid to go over your head with a joke. Sure, sometimes it takes me a few seconds to get what the hell he’s talking about but when I do get it I laugh so fucking loud the neighbors downstairs call me up and ask me if I’ve been measuring the size of my cock again. Then I have to explain to them that, “No. If I was measuring the size of my cock I’d be crying, not chuckling” and finally I realize that I have fifteen minutes to write A Few Choice Words for all you folks and well that just plain sucks. But if the price of getting to watch an hour of Dennis Miller ranting about each decade of the previous millenium, in the vernacular of that decade, is that I have to cram a journal entry in in fifteen minutes, then I’ll gladly pay up.

I had a really interesting afternoon and was faced with a really strange job hunting predicament. Something I’ve never faced before. I don’t want to get into it here because you never know who’s reading and I’m big on protecting the privacy of individuals or organizations with whom I interact with. Just because someone knows or works with me, it does not mean that they’ve signed a document that allows me to make their lives or their business public in the way that I choose to make my own life and business known.

Anyway, I brought my predicament to a host of friends, former co-workers, and others, and of course my wife. By the time dinner rolled round I was still struggling to put together a plan of action based on all the advice I had been given. Most everyone I spoke to was in agreement on what my strategies to deal with this situation should be but me… I am the king of playing Devil’s Advocate and I just can’t sit back and accept the majority’s opinion. I have to look at every option available to me, no matter how ridiculous they might be. I just feel obligated.

And that’s why I didn’t have anything prepared to write tonight. I usually find myself with a topic by mid-day and I spend a bit of time every hour or so stewing about it and then by 10:30 or so I’m ready to write. Today I just had this thing on my mind all day and I couldn’t come up with anything. That sucks you know. Because as a writer I should be able to shoot from the hip. It’s the point of keeping a journal. I suppose I’m shooting from the hip now though.

Too bad I’m a lousy fucking shot.

Anyway, I think I know what I have to do and had I not been so amused by Dennis Miller’s Millenium special on HBO just now I would have let you know that a lot sooner but hey, them’s the breaks. Sometimes you just gotta sit back, forget about obligations and stress for an hour, and listen to a comedian talk over your head. It’s just necessary.

Of course that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.