Mermaid Babies

Shortly before novelist Ayelet Waldman closed her blog, she posted an entry on Milagros, the Mermaid Baby that got me thinking about strange births and birth defects, how we feel about them as a society, and how I feel about them personally.

Apparently the surgery to un-fuse Milagros’ legs was a success and she is doing well. Apparently this is a very risky procedure and there was only one survivor of it in the world prior to this most recent success.

It seems as if there are all kinds of crazy things that can happen with the birthing process. Hell, a Romanian woman just gave birth to twin boys two months apart from one another.

The struggles Stef and I have faced in our quest to become parents are well documented on this site. What I haven’t spoken about is my fear that when we finally do have a child that it will be a mutant of some sort.

Is it wrong of me to fear that? Does it make me an awful person to want a healthy child and not want a child with problems? I just don’t think I could handle it. I don’t think I’m that strong.