Across the Universe

In his comprehensive coverage of last week’s Grammy Awards ceremony, Andy writes, of the performance of The Beatles ‘Across the Universe’ to benefit Tsunami relief, “...Velvet Revolver is backing, with Slash playing some neat spacey guitar riffs. There’s Bono. There’s Stevie Wonder. Norah Jones. Some old guy. Alicia Keys. Scott Weiland. A slightly out of key Billie Joe Armstrong. It’s kind of cool, but I wonder if I’m supposed to feel inspired or global or something. Steven Tyler “zakarooaday-uh’s” better than most. Duff McKeegan leads the music industry in one of those clap things bands do near the end of songs for some reason.”

If you missed it, as I did, you can catch a video clip of the performance on the CBS website. If you haven’t seen it, watch it before you read on.

Now, I’m with Andy on this one: I’m not sure if I’m supposed to feel inspired or global or what. What I do feel is kind of disappointed. I mean, ‘Across the Universe’ is not one of my favorite Beatles tunes anyway, but they really do a bang-up job of butchering the fuck out of it. These are supposed to be some of the best singers in the world, right? And yet, they’re all either out of key, out of sync, or just plain out of it. I mean, what the hell is Brian Wilson doing up there?

So, I want to download the tune from iTunes, help out in that little way, but I feel like I’d want to delete the song from my hard drive right away, like I wouldn’t want it polluting the thing. And I have some really bad music on my machine, so that’s saying something.

It’s just really sad to see a group of people go to all that effort and not come out with something better.