Chapters 2 and 3

The downside of doing all your edits on paper, as I’ve been doing with the revision of my thesis, is that you then have to type all of those edits back into the computer. When I do this, I go one step further: I type the entire thing back in, not just the parts I edited. This allows me to go over the language again and again, sharpening as I go. Unfortunately, as I found out today, this takes a lot of time.

Though I finished my revision of Chapter 1 yesterday, I didn’t get to type it back into the computer. Therefore, the bulk of my day today was actually spent typing the Chapter 1 edits in, not making edits to the two chapters I wanted to get to. I eventually did get to them, and because they were both short chapters I was able to get through the both of them, but I didn’t get to type them in, which will mean that’s what I’ll have to start off doing on Wednesday, the next day I get to work on the thing.

In other news, today I got to hear both of the new Nine Inch Nails tracks that have been leaked around the Internet. I’m totally biased, but I loved them. They were such good stuff, a real departure from the tracks on The Fragile, which, though I liked it, does feel a bit uneven at times. These tracks felt like a cross between Pretty Hate Machine and Broken, very verse-chorus-verse like PHM, but with the heavier guitars that made Broken so intense. The first single, “The Hand That Feeds” is super radio-friendly, and there’s already backlash against it for that very reason, but I say the fuck with those people. Let the man sell some damn records and let the kids get exposed to some quality music. The song isn’t bad. It’s good, and I guess that’s the problem.

Anyway, that’s my story for today. Tomorrow I head back to the part-time gig after four days straight of working on this thesis. I am glad for the break.